Former Disney boss launches Web3 game publisher with Marvel, Star Wars talent

A team of Hollywood and gaming luminaries has joined forces to launch a AAA Web3 games publisher in the United Arab Emirates. 

Dubbed Galactic Entertainment Publishing, the recently launched venture represents the first arm of parent company Galactic Group.

The firm’s inaugural endeavor, PlanetQuest, has been in active development since 2022. Loren Roosendaal, CEO of Galactic Entertainment and founder of PlanetQuest, told Cointelegraph that despite the game not having launched yet, it’s installed a massive user base:

“PlanetQuest passport holders account for over 300,000 connected wallets, over 200,000 of which hold one or more PlanetQuest NFTs.”

AAA franchise experience

The team behind PlanetQuest is comprised of former employees from Disney, Warner Bros., Activision-Blizzard and Epic. Their previous individual credits include a bevy of franchises, from films such as The Batman, Avengers and Blade Runner to AAA games such as Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Star Wars: Jedi Survivor.

The firm’s chief creative officer, Jon McCoy — who has worked on AAA Hollywood blockbusters throughout his career — said those experiences couldn’t compare with his work with Galactic Group:

“Naturally no first attempt at something new is perfect, but it’s been amazing getting to create a sci-fi universe with the fans in a way that’s never been attempted before. I’ve gotten to fulfill a lot of my childhood dreams, working on Star Wars, Blade Runner and Marvel movies to name a few, but there’s little that compares to being able to interact and build with the fans from day one.”


The company’s first title, PlanetQuest, has been described as existing in a “Star Wars-like” world full of assets that players can own and trade. Everything from ships to entire planets can be copped as digital assets that, ostensibly, players can keep for their own game use or sell/trade to other players for native currency.

Galactic currently has plans to launch tie-in media for PlanetQuest, including novels, comic books…


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