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Daniel Maegaard, aka Seedphrase, is a digital native collector, musician and patron of the digital arts. Not only does he possess one of the best nonfungible token collections on the planet, but he’s also the owner of the only CryptoPunk with seven traits in the entire 10,000 iconic collection.

Boasting countless NFT grails in his portfolio, Seedphrase is collaborating with Sotheby’s on its Contemporary Discoveries auction, running Feb. 23–March 4. 

The auction features 11 pieces from his collection that are up for sale, alongside nine generative art pieces from GSR’s collection. Included in the 11 are an XCOPY, Hackatao, Coldie and Pak.

data_lords by XCOPY – owned by Seedphrase

Queeny by Hackatao – owned by Seedphrase

Metarift by Pak – owned by Seedphrase

The Contemporary Discoveries auction also features physical art from the likes of visual artist and producer Andy Warhol, sculptor Alexander Calder and abstract expressionist painter Robert Motherwell. It’s yet another milestone for NFTs and digital art as it continues to infiltrate the mindshare of traditional art collectors. 

Banking on its reputation to deliver great outcomes for artists and collectors alike, Seedphrase also pointed to Sotheby’s understanding of the digital art space as a big reason he entrusted the organization with the pieces he’s opted to sell. 

“Sotheby’s have shown time and time again that they deeply understand the digital art space with their attentive eye on key trends and curatorial taste. This has consistently resulted in great outcomes for both artists and collectors due to fair valuations and enforced creator royalties. It was an easy decision to work with Sotheby’s on the sale of these iconic digital works,” says Seedphrase. 

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