ZkSync denies NFT ‘insider minting,’ claims some minters attended events

Matter Labs, developer of Ethereum layer 2 network zkSync, denied claims of “insider minting” on June 26, claiming that all minters of the Libertas Omnibus non-fungible tokens (NFTs) were eligible to do so according to official criteria. 

The statement follows a June 17 X post by blockchain researcher soEasy that accused the team of handing out Libertas Omnibus NFTs to friends of the team who were not eligible to receive them. SoEasy also claimed that these “insider mints” allowed the insiders to mint ZK tokens without fulfilling the airdrop criterion.

In a June 26 statement to Cointelegraph, a Matter Labs representative claimed that “there were no invalid mints.”

Specifically, there were “several ways in which users could mint the Libertas Omnibus NFT.” While one set of eligible users was made up of those who those who interacted with the top 100 zkSync NFTs, another set was made up of “event attendees that visited our booth or table [and] were able to scan a single-use QR code to be able to mint the NFT.”

Libertas Omnibus. Source: Element NFT Marketplace

Matter Labs also denied that holding Libertas Omnibus could by itself make a user eligible to receive the ZK airdrop. “Allocations were determined via a combination of eligibility criteria, amount of funds bridged and held on ZKsync Era, and bonus multipliers,” the representative stated. “Holding these NFTs alone did not qualify anyone for the ZK airdrop.”

Employees of the development team were also not eligible for the airdrop, the representative claimed.

The Libertas Omnibus open mint

Matter Labs launched the Libertas Omnibus NFT mint as a “test” in July, 2023, according to an X post in August. In the post, the team announced that it would provide an “Open Mint” going forward. Eligible users would “include those who interacted with at least one of the top 100+ zkSync NFT collections between mainnet launch and July 12.”

Source: zkSync.

The open mint ended in January, according to the team’s June 26 statement.

On June 17,…


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