Zeneca’s portfolio peaked at $20M — and he has ‘2021 vibes’ again: NFT Collector

A former professional poker player for 15 years, Roy Bhasin — known as Zeneca in crypto — grew a huge following on X as the spreadsheet guy who tracked daily floor prices of NFTs during the 2021 mania. 

Zeneca saw his NFT portfolio skyrocket to eight figures at one point, but then plunge back to earth. He then transformed himself into an NFT creator in November 2021 with the launch of ZenAcademy and The 333 Club.

Zeneca, aka Roy Bhasin.

After enduring the brutal NFT bear market, Zeneca has more recently been all in on Fantasy Top. The new game, built on the Ethereum L2 network Blast, is similar to a fantasy sports league but with Crypto Twitter personalities replacing the athletes and X engagement metrics replacing the sports scoreboard.

While it may sound cringe-worthy to some, it’s taken the timeline by storm, and Zeneca has brought back his patented spreadsheet. 

“My mojo is definitely back. I’m jumping out of bed in the morning because I want to go check prices and check if my team has tweeted,” he says. “I feel so many others doing the same, and it’s just sort of created this energy, which, to me, I haven’t felt since 2021. It’s really giving me a lot of 2021 vibes.”

Pro poker player to NFT degen

Zeneca, an Australian living in Dubai, began playing professional poker around 2005. He says the skills he learned helped him navigate the chaotic waters of crypto and NFTs, as he developed a healthy disassociation from money and the ability to focus for long periods.

Zeneca Fantasy Top Card.

Although he played the majority of his poker online, he also has plenty of experience on the tables at casino tournaments. It wasn’t unusual for him to spend 14 to 16 hours per day fully immersed in online poker, which mirrors the life of many professional crypto degens glued to screens. 

“As a professional poker player, you sort of learn to have a healthy disassociation to money,…


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