Winklevoss twins become co-owners of Bitcoin soccer club, inject $4.5M BTC

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss have joined as co-owners of Bitcoin podcaster Peter McCormack’s Real Bedford Football Club (RBFC), after investing $4.5 million worth of Bitcoin (BTC) to bolster the club’s goals.

The Winklevoss twins executed the investment and acquisition through their investment firm, Winklevoss Capital, as per a recent statement. 

The funding will be used to establish a Bitcoin treasury for the club, as McCormack told Cointelegraph, it is to safeguard the club “against long term fiat debasement.”

“The investment helps with the infrastructure, we need to grow this with our ambitions,” McCormack explained.

Source: Gemini

Additionally, the funds will be allocated towards the development of a new training center and ongoing support for girls’ and youth football.

In 2021, McCormack acquired RBFC, his hometown football club in Bedford, with its population just under 200,000.

He holds ambitions of bringing RBFC — which accepts Bitcoin for game day tickets, merchandise, sponsorships, and beverages — to compete in the same league as well-known United Kingdom clubs like Manchester United and Chelsea Football Club.

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“We are a long way from the Premier League as exciting as that is our ambition, I work on one league at a time,” McCormack stated.

The Winklevoss twins share the same vision as McCormack of bringing RBFC to the top league in the United Kingdom.

“We’re not just investing in a football club, we’re investing in a dream to bring Premier League football to Bedford,” Cameron Winklevoss said.

“We share in Peter’s deep conviction in Bitcoin and its ability to supercharge RBFC’s quest to make it into the Premier League,” Tyler Winklevoss added.

This comes after it was recently reported that the Winklevoss twins donated $4.9 million to the crypto-focused Fairshake super political action committee (PAC) to support crypto-friendly candidates in the upcoming United States elections.

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