Why boomers ‘like’ AI pics on Facebook, mind-reading AI breakthrough: AI Eye 

Not even your mind is safe from AI

AI mind-reading technology has taken a giant leap forward thanks to MindEye2 from Stability AI and Princeton.

Previous mind visualization AI models have been able to create somewhat accurate pictures of what people are thinking about but require a lot of expensive training on individuals using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI).

The new model is much more general and requires as little as one hour of training on an individual to attain “state-of-the-art image retrieval and… demonstrates how accurate reconstructions of perception are possible from a single visit to the MRI facility.”

MindEye2 gets scary good after 40 hours.

It still takes about 40 hours of training to get properly accurate images; however, the steep trajectory of the tech’s development suggests it will become easier and easier.

While amazing from a technical perspective, the technology is clearly intrusive and has worrying implications for privacy. It’s the sort of tech authoritarian governments could embrace to make the concept of a thought crime a reality.  

Stop boomers liking AI pics

There’s a meme going around that Facebook has been hijacked by endless AI pictures of cute kids, amazing houses, and too-good-to-be-true art projects that boomers are applauding without realizing they were all generated by AI.

A new pre-print, examining 120 Facebook pages that pump out AI generated posts that lead users to spam and scams, suggests the meme is true.

Back in 2022, Facebook changed its algorithm to start spamming users with content from pages they don’t follow, and it now accounts for a quarter of your newsfeed, up from 8% in 2021. As the algo only really cares about engagement, AI-created content that can elicit a reaction now receives hundreds of millions of views. One post with an AI generated image was seen by 40 million people and was in the top 20 most popular posts worldwide in Q3 last year.  

Typically the spammers and scammers either buy…


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