Web3 gaming won’t exist in 5 years, $656K for best crypto game pitch: Web3 Gamer

Web3 Games are dead, long live Games: SKALE CEO

Ethereum scaling network Skale CEO Jack O’Holleran is fairly confident that you’re not going to hear about Web3 gaming at all within the next five years.

“I feel very very strongly that the term Web3 gaming will no longer exist,” he tells Web3 Gamer (a column that will therefore need to be renamed by 2029).

He doesn’t expect it to fail because of tech problems. Instead, he thinks it will be a victim of its own success.

“That is because we will all be so successful at integrating the value propositions of blockchain into games that every game in the world will start leveraging this far better,” he explains.

O’Holleran compares the “Web3 game” term to the early internet days when people used to awkwardly say things like “internet company.” 

“No one says that anymore because tech is a part of every vertical,” he laughs.

So if every big gaming company is using Web3 tech in their games, then the term starts to lose its relevance.

“What is a Web3 game and what isn’t when every single game has some component of blockchain built into it?”

But right now, the term is still relevant.

The SKALE network is a layer-2 Ethereum scaling solution that claims to provide a seamless and lag-free gaming experience for users and can support up to 700 transactions per second.

It hosts popular Web3 titles such as multilevel motorcycle racing game MotoDex, sports metaverse Gamify and side-scrolling blockchain platformer Untitled Platformer, which have all racked up millions of downloads in the last year.

🥱Just another record breaking week over in the SKALE Ecosystem

This week’s #Staturday let’s share how over 12 million transactions were processed over the past 7 days 🚀

💰$105,355,872 USD Saved on Gas
🔁12,062,947 Transactions
👥1,367,047 UAW pic.twitter.com/5wD95vuMbQ

— SKALE (@SkaleNetwork) April 27, 2024

O’Holleran believes that the focus on growing Web3 gaming communities is misplaced, and projects should focus on the wider audience. 

He thinks the big obstacle to…



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