Tyler Warner on round tripping 1,000 ETH due to ‘rock star complex’: NFT Collector 

Tyler Warner, aka Tyler Did It on X, has become one of the top content sources about what’s happening in NFTs and crypto. He first dabbled in crypto in 2017, with the NFT mania of 2021–2022 capturing his imagination and sending his career in a new direction.

Tyler caught the Art Blocks wave, as well as Azukis, Moonbirds and Pudgy Penguins. At the top, his NFT portfolio was worth around 1,000 ETH, but like so many JPEG enthusiasts from this time, he handed back the majority of the paper wealth as NFTs hit a brutal bear market.

“I round-tripped it all. I think I ran up to about 1,000 ETH, or about $3 million, at peak in August [2021]. I will admit I fell into a little bit of a rock star complex during that first full cycle, thinking I’m the best trader out there, and I’m so good at this. It truly was like everyone’s a genius in the bull market; it was easy to get caught up in a moment,” says Tyler.

“Then you look back and think, ‘Wow, I did not learn how to hit that sell button in that cycle. I hit it big on Art Blocks and then it was a down period. Then I did well on Azuki, which ran up a bit, and then I did very well on Moonbirds. I was buying birds the first day. But I was never really selling or realizing at the right time because I just thought NFTs were the new paradigm shift. I really thought it was up only over a long enough period of time.”

Tyler Warner, aka @Tyler_Did_It on X

GameStop saga was a catalyst to get introspective

As a former banker and corporate consultant, he says the GameStop saga in early 2021 saw him question the legitimacy of the TradFi system.

“When they shut Robinhood down and halted trading after the first few times, it started feeling like this really is a rigged system in the traditional stock market.”

“There was a bit of a light bulb moment of crypto solving this. That can’t happen in the decentralized crypto markets,” he says.



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