Truth behind AI reply guys, Copilot picture panic, Trump deepfakes: AI Eye

What’s behind those weird AI-generated “reply guys” on social media platform X? You know those anodyne responses that say nothing in particular that are clearly generated by AI? Are they scammers or disinformation trolls trying to build up their account’s reputation before dropping the hammer?

Some of them no doubt are bots doing exactly that, but it turns out professionals are also using AI replies because they can’t think of anything interesting to say.

“A lot of people they’ll think forever, they don’t know how to write their first posts. It just helps people to give them a rough outline,” says MagicReply founder Nilan Saha, who launched his one-click AI reply browser extension on X in December and has since expanded to LinkedIn.

Saha says his customers include CEOs and chief technology officers “who just want to get started on Twitter and just want an edge.

“One’s a teacher, one’s a guy from Denmark who is not that good at speaking English but still wants to connect with other people. They just want a helping hand.”

AI replies help newer accounts grow and build authority, he says.

“No one is looking at your posts if you’re starting out or even if you’re at a decent stage (of growth) but replying to other people… more people will see your reply, and eventually more will come to your profile.”

I have created a monster 🤯

Engaging has never been easier.

— Nilan Saha (@nilansaha) February 27, 2024

Saha created a stir on X last week with a video showing him scrolling LinkedIn and creating AI replies with a single click on multiple posts in a matter of seconds. “Great perspectives shared,” said one reply.

“Exciting times! I love seeing women making big moves in entrepreneurship,” another said, adding a rocket ship emoji.

The demo was controversial and was criticized for being inauthentic spam — but you could say that about 95% of the human written replies on LinkedIn too.

Saha likens MagicReply to…


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