Ronin to scale Web3 games with new zkEVM

Gaming blockchain Ronin has announced the upcoming launch of Ronin zkEVM, a zero-knowledge (ZK) Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) layer-2 chain built with a Sky Mavis-modified version of the Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK). 

On June 18, the team revealed it would introduce a dedicated ZK chain to accommodate more users and help its game studio partners grow. This move is expected to enhance the permissionless environment, facilitating the integration of more gaming experiences in the network.

In addition, the team plans to incorporate an enshrined Polygon ZK prover into Ronin, allowing game studios to build their own zkEVM blockchains without establishing their own security and consensus.

Preparing to handle billions in transactions

The Ronin blockchain, initially developed for the popular play-to-earn (P2E) game Axie Infinity, now supports a broader gaming ecosystem. According to the Ronin blockchain explorer data, the network has already reached 1.4 million daily active addresses.

Active addresses on the Ronin blockchain. Source: Ronin explorer

Jeff Zirlin, co-founder at Sky Mavis, the team behind Ronin, told Cointelegraph that the network is preparing to handle billions in transactions. Zirlin explained:

“At 1.5 million daily active users, Ronin is the largest gaming blockchain globally. Currently, Ronin can handle up to 40 million transactions per day, but we are preparing for a future where we handle 400 million or even four billion transactions, and zkEVM is key to this.”

With Ronin zkEVM’s enhanced scalability, the Sky Mavis team believes that partner studios can continue to innovate and expand.

The network has already onboarded major blockchain games, which benefited from its player base. Web3 game Pixels surpassed 4.4 million users since migrating to Ronin in October 2023.

Zirlin also noted other benefits of the new zkEVM chain, including a seamless cross-chain experience and potentially higher staking rewards.

“This step in our permissionless journey includes the ability for third-party builders…


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