Pickup artists using AI, deep fake nudes outlawed, Rabbit R1 fail: AI Eye

AI Tupac vs. AI Drake

A little over a year ago, a fake AI song featuring Drake and the Weeknd racked up 20 million views in two days before Universal memory-holed the track for copyright violation. The shoe was on the other foot this week, however, when lawyers for the estate of Tupac Shakur threatened Drake with a lawsuit over his “TaylorMade” diss track against Kendrick Lamar, which used AI-faked vocals to “feature” Tupac. Drake has since pulled the track down from his X profile, although it’s not hard to find if you look.

Deep fake nudes criminalized

Apps like Nudeify simplify the process of creating deep fake nudes. (Nudeify)

The governments of Australia and the United Kingdom have both announced plans to criminalize the creation of deep fake pornography without the consent of the people portrayed. AI Eye reported in December that a range of apps, including Reface, DeepNude and Nudeify, make the creation of deepfakes easy for anyone with a smartphone. Deep fake nude creation websites have been receiving tens of millions of hits each month, according to Graphika.

Baltimore police have arrested the former athletic director of Pikesville High School, Dazhon Darien, over allegations he used AI voice cloning software to create a fake racism storm (“fakeism”) in retaliation against the school’s principal, who forced his resignation over the alleged theft of school funds.

Darien sent audio of the principal supposedly making racist comments about black and Jewish students to another teacher, who passed it on to students, the media and the NAACP. The principal was forced to step down amid the outcry, however forensic analysis showed the audio was fake and detectives arrested Darien at the airport as he was about to fly to Houston with a gun.

Everyone — in the media at least — seems to hate Meta’s new AI integration in the Instagram search bar, mostly because it’s too eager to chat, and it’s not very good at search. The bot has also been joining…


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