NFTs are like nightclubs, crypto’s a volatile religion: NFTStats, NFT Collector

Sam Gellman, aka NFT Statistics, aka punk9059, is a prominent figure in the NFT space, known for his ability to create charts and provide valuable insights into volatile markets.

In 2023 Gellman worked for Proof and hosted the “Proof Daily Countdown”, a 10-15min all you need to know show that resonated well with true believers of NFTs.

With the recent acquisition of Proof and Moonbirds, Gellman has joined the team at Memeland, reuniting with Ray Chan, someone he’s known for the last 12 years.

His journey into NFTs started in the mania of 2021 when a handful of Gellman’s tradfi friends urged him to look into CryptoPunks. After some initial resistance, Gellman fall down the rabbit hole and has hardly come up for air since.

“During Covid, they started really aggressively recommending CryptoPunks. I thought the first three or four of them were idiots and then when the fifth person said it, I started to get FOMO,” says Gellman.

“That was kind of when I started to get involved in the game and ended up trying to research CryptoPunks and found that there just wasn’t a lot of data out there on it. I started building out my own data sets around CryptoPunks and that was basically the genesis of this account.” 

Prior to becoming “NFT Statistics”, Gellman worked for Goldman Sachs for eight years and Uber for seven — he was one of the first 50 employees and responsible for its early expansion into markets outside of the US and Canada, particularly in Asia.

“I launched London, launched Amsterdam, launched China, launched Singapore. I ended up running the team that launched Asian markets because I’d been living in Hong Kong and then I managed North Asia for a while which is like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, all the countries up there.”

CryptoPunk #1163 – owned by NFTStats

The most volatile religion in the world 

Prior to discovering NFTs, Gellman had actually worked for a crypto company for a few months but quit because he couldn’t buy into the crypto philosophy. He says the anti-establishment ethos of many parts of crypto culture never really…



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