Missed Out on Nvidia? Buy These Artificial Intelligence (AI) Stocks Instead.

Without a doubt, many artificial intelligence (AI) investors are kicking themselves for missing out on Nvidia‘s big gains. With the stock up 280% in the last year and over 1,800% in five years, it is one of the major beneficiaries in the AI space.

Nonetheless, Nvidia is not the only AI stock in the chip industry, and AI is so much more than semiconductors. With the breadth of AI investing options, the industry should continue to bring opportunity. Three Fool.com contributors have ideas on where AI investors can look next: Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN), The Trade Desk (NASDAQ: TTD), and Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA).

Amazon has many ways to win when it comes to AI

Jake Lerch (Amazon): There are hotter AI stocks out there, but Amazon remains one worth watching, and buying. Here’s why:

First, the company is the largest cloud services provider. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is estimated to have about 31% of the worldwide cloud services market. That’s important because new generative AI tools and applications often utilize cloud services like AWS. As the AI revolution rolls on, Amazon is poised to profit thanks to its lead in the cloud infrastructure market.

Second, Amazon’s massive e-commerce business dovetails nicely with many different AI applications. For example, the company has already introduced Rufus, a new AI-powered shopping assistant designed to help people by answering questions, making pricing comparisons, and generating product recommendations.

In addition, Amazon is using AI in many other areas of its operations, such as:

Streamlining prescription drug delivery time and cost through Amazon Pharmacy.

Lowering the company’s environmental impact through AI-generated recommendations to reduce packaging use.

Improving shopping recommendations via Amazon Fashion.

Updating Alexa-enabled devices to enhance conversation and dialogue between users and Alexa.

On top of all of that, Amazon remains one of the world’s best-run companies. Shares are up 73% over the last 12 months, while revenue growth has bounced back to a solid 13%.

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