LA’s Bored Ape lovers go hungry, Bitcoiners sell $500 Game Boy dupe and more

Bored & Hungry LA flips its last NFT-themed burger

A Los Angeles burger restaurant which used a Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) nonfungible token (NFT) as its brand is serving up its last patties and fries after two years in business and is being sold to a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

“Today we say goodbye to the original Bored & Hungry location in Long Beach, CA,” co-founder Andy Nguyen said in an April 8 X post.

Nguyen added the “branding and franchising company” Hungry DAO acquired the Bored & Hungry brand, which also has three locations in the Philippines, one in Seoul, South Korea and slated Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai pop-ups during events later in the year.

Source: Andy Nguyen

The restaurant’s founding team will join the DAO as a shareholder, and the brand “will be announcing their new home in the U.S. soon,” he added.

Bored & Hungry opened in April 2022 and other Bored Ape NFT holders have started businesses — including a Cuban restaurant in Miami — using their NFTs which they own the rights to.

“The supportive BAYC and Web3 community helped us break ground, in becoming the first to utilize ownership of the digital IP asset and create a restaurant brand,” Nguyen wrote. “We’re proud to have made our mark, and excited to see where the community takes it next.”

Game Boy dupe will cost $500 to play Bitcoin NFTs

The Bitcoin Ordinals-based gaming platform Ordz Games is planning to hock a Bitcoin gaming console and crypto wallet that looks like a Game Boy for a reported $500 price tag.

On April 7 at Hong Kong’s Web3 Gaming Expo, Ordz debuted its BitBoy One device, a name blending “Bitcoin” and “Game Boy” — not to be confused with the crypto influencer turned one-time “fighter” of the same name.

Ordz Games expects the console will cost around $500, exact price pending, with preorders slated for mid-April, GamesBeat reported.

That’s 10 times as pricey as competing handheld retro game consoles such as those from Anbernic, which start at about $50 and its around $50…


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