Is Palantir Technologies Stock Set to Soar Higher After Securing a Huge Government Contract?

Palantir Technologies (NYSE: PLTR) has been a popular stock with growth investors in the past year. The data analytics company helps both government and commercial customers make better decisions through the use of its platform. And last year, the company launched an artificial intelligence (AI) platform, which can improve and expedite the decision-making process for its customers even further.

Already a trusted partner with many government organizations, the company recently landed another deal that will help boost its top line. Does this deal make Palantir a no-brainer buy, even despite its already strong 43% gains this year?

Palantir secures a large military contract with the Army

On March 6, Palantir announced it had won a contract with the Army. The deal is worth $178.4 million and involves the development of the Army’s Tactical Intelligence Targeting Access Node (Titan), which utilizes AI and machine learning. Titan’s goal is, “to provide actionable targeting information for enhanced mission command and long range precision fires.”

For Palantir, the big takeaway is not just the financial payout from the deal but, perhaps more importantly, the proof that its AI platform is winning over customers. In the press release announcing the deal, Palantir says this is the first “AI-defined vehicle” for the Army.

Government revenue accounts for a big slice of Palantir’s top line, and this could offer proof to investors that there’s still plenty of growth potential in that area of its business as well when it comes to AI.

Palantir’s growth from the government has been underwhelming

One concern for investors is that while Palantir has been growing, its growth rate may not be significant enough. In the fourth quarter of 2023, which was for the last three months of the year, the company’s revenue grew 20% year over year to $608 million. But government revenue was only up by 11%. And on a quarter-over-quarter basis, it only rose by 5% to $324 million.

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