Hytopia’s revenge on Minecraft, ‘janky’ Otherside demo: Web3 Gamer

NFT Worlds’ creator to launch Hytopia beta, after being ghosted by Minecraft

ArkDev, the co-founder of NFT Worlds, says that ever since Minecraft unceremoniously dumped his game in 2022, he’s been building Hytopia, a blockchain open-world game that aims to give Minecraft a run for its money. The beta version of Hytopia is due for release next month. 

In October 2021, NFT Worlds integrated with Minecraft as a blockchain-based modification to allow users to access crypto and NFT features. Minecraft scrapped it eight months later, in June 2022, despite amassing around 100,000 users.

ArkDev tells Web3 Gamer he was a bit shocked that the team at Minecraft, which is owned by Microsoft, didn’t even give him a heads up or anything ahead of the move —just a sudden cold shoulder.

“It was bewildering; we kind of just heard from the grapevine that they decided to shut down blockchain because they felt it was unfair for the younger audiences playing Minecraft, who were on these services, that they needed these tokens to buy content,” he explains.

ArkDev tried in vain to find out what was going on directly from Minecraft.

“We did not ever hear from them. I sent probably two or three follow-up messages and emails to our contacts and never got a response, it was radio silence.”

He believes the developers didn’t like users having more control in the game.

“The team at Minecraft feels that Minecraft is their game. They don’t want people modding or creating spin-off instances of custom content. That breaks away from their vision of the core survival game mode, where you can run and break things,” he states.

Hytopia post on X (Hytopia)

Hytopia has already garnered 1.1 million pre-registered players and has a trading volume exceeding $11 million.

Just another 165 million players to go to catch up to Minecraft, then. 

The game will initially launch as an invite-only rolling beta, but there will be lots of invites to identify any problems.



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