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Roaring Kitty fraud lawsuit over GameStop dropped after 3 days

A lawsuit against GameStop trader Roaring Kitty, aka Keith Gill, was voluntarily dropped after three days. The lawsuit, brought by Martin Radev, accused the meme trader of securities fraud for his alleged role in manipulating the price of GameStop’s stock. However, Radev’s lawsuit was dropped without prejudice, meaning he can file the lawsuit against Gill again in the future.

‘Buy the dip’ mentions on social platforms surge as Bitcoin stumbles

Bitcoin’s recent drop below the $60K mark is prompting many investors to “buy the dip,” as talk of taking advantage of the price swing has risen sharply on social media over the last several days. According to research firm Santiment, the frequency with which the term has been mentioned on the internet has doubled during Bitcoin’s downward price movement.

On July 2, the Ethereum Foundation revealed that its email server was hacked in late June. The malicious actor sent out 35,794 emails to subscribers claiming that the Ethereum Foundation and the Lido decentralized autonomous organization were promoting a 6.8% yield on ETH, stETH and wETH. Following the malicious links all the way to the end would have drained funds from users. Thankfully, the Ethereum Foundation was able to plug the security vulnerability that led to the email breach and informed other organizations of the malicious activity. According to the foundation, no funds were lost as a result of the exploit. However, the emails of 81 individuals may have been exposed during the security breach.

Circle becomes first global stablecoin issuer to comply with MiCA

On July 1, 2024, Circle announced it became the first stablecoin issuer to comply with the European Union’s MiCA regulations. Circle’s USDC and EURC stablecoins are fully compliant with the EU’s new regulatory framework. Co-founder and…


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