Here Are Warren Buffett’s Top Artificial Intelligence (AI) Stock Picks

Famed investor Warren Buffett isn’t known as a technology guru; his reputation comes from opportunistically buying and holding longtime blue chip stocks in Berkshire Hathaway, his holding company, which is worth nearly a trillion dollars today.

However, Berkshire Hathaway’s portfolio is sneakily invested very heavily, I might add, in artificial intelligence (AI). The top four AI stocks by position size represent nearly half the total portfolio!

So, feast your eyes on Buffett’s top four AI stocks:

1. Apple

Warren Buffett isn’t afraid to let a winning investment become a large piece of Berkshire’s portfolio. Look no further than iPhone maker Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL). The stock, which Buffett first bought in 2016, has grown to 44.2% of the portfolio. Nonetheless, Apple is a bonafide AI stock, and Buffett has only sold minimal shares despite sitting on tremendous unrealized gains today. Why? Buffett has credited fierce customer loyalty, quipping that people would give up their second car for an iPhone.

Tech companies, Apple included, are investing in AI and combining it with their consumer-facing products. Apple has already implemented AI into the iOS experience for creature comforts, like Siri assistance, facial recognition, content recommendations, and more. However, Tim Cook recently shared at an event that Apple is prioritizing investments in generative AI. It recently shut down its electric car project and will shift employee resources to Apple’s AI division. Buckle up for the future.

2. Moody’s

Corporate credit and analytics firm Moody’s (NYSE: MCO) is more similar to Buffett’s known style. Berkshire has owned Moody’s stock since 2000, and it has been a very successful investment over the years. It’s a much smaller piece of Berkshire’s portfolio at 2.5%, but then again, Moody’s is a much smaller company than Apple. Berkshire’s stake represents 13.5% ownership in the company.

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