Gods Unchained app drops crypto, Kings of Fighters Arena review

Gods Unchained app sees 12,000 downloads in first week

Complying with Apple and Google’s app store policies and their refusal to accept crypto was a total nightmare, says Gods Unchained executive producer Daniel Paez.

But the app dropped successfully on March 2 and has been downloaded 12,000 times in the first week, with an average 4.5/5 rating across its iOS and Android reviews.

Paez tells Web3 Gamer that the team didn’t cut any corners when launching the highly anticipated mobile version, sticking carefully to all of Apple and Google’s rules for their app stores.

This involved tweaking the mobile game to be a bit different from the full-fledged PC version.

One big hurdle was that mobile gamers are not able to pay for in-game purchases using crypto such as Bitcoin, Ether or even buzzy memecoin BOME.

He reveals this was a particular concern for its tournament mode, Sealed Mode. This is a format intended to reward highly skilled players, even if they don’t have a large or expensive card collection.

“We’ve been working with Apple and Google to make sure that if we do an in-app purchase for Sealed Mode instead of tokens, how do we guarantee security? How do we make sure we’re in line and comply with their policies,” he explains.

Gods Unchained announcing the mobile edition on X (X/Gods Unchained)

Fiat payments also expose Immutable to the possibility of chargebacks on in-game purchases and credit card fraud, which isn’t a risk on the crypto version on PC.

While it’s a pain, it’s worth doing as the Apple App Store alone draws in over 650 million visitors on a weekly basis worldwide.

The resulting Gods Unchained mobile edition can be seen essentially as a sidekick app.It’s got all the game features — you can build decks, play ranked or casual matches and challenge your mates. Then, when you’re back behind the PC, “you can engage more with the Web3 elements.”

Let the card battles begin! (Gods Unchained)

Big bucks pouring into the Web3…


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