Dogecoiners clone hyped Bitcoin Ordinals ‘Runestone’ airdrop

Dogecoin blockchain natives have just finished handing out its own “Runestone” airdrop inspired by the nonfungible token (NFT)-like giveaway done through Bitcoin Ordinals last month.

Finishing up on April 2, a total of 30,272 of the inventively titled “Doge Runestone” Doginals — Dogecoin’s name for its Ordinals — were handed out to wallets that held at least one Doginal from a list of collections outlined by Robo AI, the airdrop’s organizer.

The Doge Runestones are now trading at a floor price of 185 Dogecoin (DOGE), worth about $32, and have seen a 24-hour volume of just over $2,000, according to data from the Ordinals Wallet marketplace.

Doge Runestones, which are all the same, resemble a golden rock etched with the DOGE logo. Source: Ordinals Wallet

The airdrop copied the buzzy Bitcoin Ordinals-based Runestone airdrop in March, where a community-run effort handed out over 112,000 Runestones to the protocol’s early adopters.

Bitcoin Ordinals are NFT-esque assets such as images or documents that are embedded into sats — the smallest unit of Bitcoin (BTC).

Dogecoin is a fork of a fork of Bitcoin — which is why it’s able to have Ordinals — and its Doginals protocol was launched by an anonymous developer in February last year, a month after Bitcoin Ordinals.

The protocol also opened up the possibility for the launch of the DRC-20 token standard in early May 2023, taking its namesake from Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard and Bitcoin’s similar BRC-20 standard.

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There are 149 Doginal collections and nearly 68,000 DRC-20 tokens with a combined market capitalization of $120 million, according to Doginal Explorer data.

The 1993 classic shooter game Doom has also been inscribed on the Dogecoin blockchain as a Doginal — a continuing meme of video game porters that have run Doom on random hardware such as washing machines and toothbrushes.

Doom on Dogecoin. Source: Dogecoin Ordinals

The Doge Runestone airdrop didn’t seem to positively…


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