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Despite having hundreds of thousands of social media followers, pseudonymous crypto trader Daan Crypto Trades isn’t keen on doxxing himself for glory. He’s just focused on pumping out posts that analyze the crypto charts.

“I don’t really care about people knowing exactly who I am,” Daan Crypto Trades tells Hall of Flame. The cagey crypto influencer does reveal that he is based somewhere in the Netherlands. 

His actual name or age? That’s set to remain a mystery. “I’m not sure if it is smart for me to say these things,” he laughs during our hour-long online call, with his camera off. 

After a little nudging, Daan reveals he is in the “20- to 30-year-old” age bracket.

But he keeps his hobbies, interests, and all that stuff under wraps. It must be tough not being able to brag on dating apps about being famous on X with 371,900 followers.

Those closest to him know all about the man Daan Crypto Trades, however. “It’s not too secret to not be able to tell my real friends and my family about it, so that’s nice,” he reveals.

Daan is a soft-spoken man and probably a gym buff, considering his strict fitness routine. He splits his time between the gym, trading crypto and managing the never-ending number of messages he receives daily.

“Usually I wake up, read through the Discord and the Telegram chats, as they have stacked up with messages overnight, then get some breakfast and usually go to the gym,” he says about his morning routine. 

When he gets back to his computer, he usually finds that he has been spammed with offers from crypto exchanges.

“Every day there’s these same exchanges that are like, ‘we want to work with you. We got some nice affiliate bonuses,’ and I’ve declined the same exchanges a hundred times,” he laughs.

(X/Daan Crypto Trades)

Daan does work with exchanges, but he’s picky about it. He only deals with the ones he uses himself…


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