Bitcoin Ordinals flip Ethereum in weekly sales, Coachella launching NFTs: Nifty Newsletter

In this week’s newsletter, Bitcoin-based nonfungible tokens (NFTs) flipped Ethereum in weekly sales, and an Ordinals trader recovered their Bitcoin after a mistaken transaction. Read about Coachella and OpenSea collaborating on three NFT collections, find out how The Sandbox executives feel about NFTs and the metaverse in an exclusive interview, and a rare CryptoPunk sold for $16 million.

Bitcoin NFTs make comeback in weekly sales, flipping Ethereum

Bitcoin Ordinals-based NFT collections surpassed Ethereum NFTs in weekly sales after a spike in volume led by the collection called NodeMonkes. The sales of Bitcoin NFTs recorded $169.5 million in volume, going up by 80% week-over-week. Ethereum, the top blockchain in all-time NFT sales, had $162 million in the same week.

Uncategorized Ordinals — NFTs that are not part of any collections — had the most sales, with $43 million in volume across 47,000 transactions. The NodeMonkes collection followed in second place, with $41 million in sales volume.

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Ordinals trader gets Bitcoin back after fat-fingered NFT purchase

A Bitcoin Ordinals trader was refunded after mistakenly purchasing an NFT worth $13,000. On March 1, the trader shared their story on X to remind the community to double-check their transactions. However, the NFTs original owner saw the post on X and offered to repurchase the NFT.

Dan Anderson, the seller of the NFT, offered to buy back the asset with the original sale price. According to Anderson, they listed the NFT for 0.21 BTC (about $13,000 at the time) because it’s “dank” and not to “fish for a fat finger.”

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Coachella and OpenSea launch NFTs with music festival utility and keepsakes

Arts and music festival Coachella announced a collaboration with OpenSea to launch NFTs with utilities during the popular event. On March 5, the festival revealed that its 2024 festival will have three NFT collections. These NFTs will act as passes to exclusive experiences and merch.

The NFTs will be hosted on the Avalanche…


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