Bitcoin Man, X Hall of Flame

According to Herbert Sim, aka “The Bitcoin Man,” the most recent bull run didn’t even scratch the surface of what’s to come in the crypto market, as China is yet to throw its hat into the ring.

“The thing now is the Chinese are actually still in the midst of gearing up. They haven’t even really entered the crypto market yet. I know this first hand because I’m working with all the Chinese guys,” he says.

“That means the $69,000 Bitcoin price is the baseline for the bull run to start running.” 

Sim tells Magazine that the previous bull runs have all been led by Chinese markets, not the Americans, despite them “wishing that” they were leading the pack.

“You should know that the true past three bull runs were led by Chinese markets, not the Americans. They wish they were the ones but it was actually from China.”

Sim has been in crypto since 2010, back when he was studying economics at university. He jumped in before “the industry” was even a thing, back when Bitcoin was worth next to nothing, hitting a peak at the time of just $0.40.

That year, Sim founded crypto research and content aggregator Crypto Chain University, which is still around today for experts in the industry to upload research papers and educate people about the Cypherpunk movement. 

“A lot of contributors just upload articles themselves. There were also a lot of known Cypherpunks as well that were contributing,” he says.

He has been singing the praises of Bitcoin ever since, and if you’ve ever been to a crypto conference you may have seen him in Bitcoin chains or even a Bitcoin suit delivering a speech as a key authority in the space.

“I am the one right now that’s still trying to make crypto sexy,” he laughs.

Herbert Sim sharing a summary of his trip to Singapore in September (X/Herbert Sim).

Sim found success in the high-end fashion industry before venturing into crypto, thanks to his company WardrobeTrendsFashion.

“It’s a media company…


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