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AI will build Alien Worlds

Hype over “the metaverse” was everywhere in 2022, with tens of billions poured into the sector. Largely substance and user-free at the time, the narrative was all but forgotten in 2023 as speculators excitedly jumped on board the AI train.

But generative AI is shaping up as a potentially new way for users to build the metaverse themselves — and by metaverse, we’re talking virtual worlds in which creators own a slice of the economy via blockchain and NFTs.

AI enables nonartists to generate imagery, enables non-developers to code programs, and basically allows anybody with a bright idea to pitch in to create new worlds and games.

That, at least, was AI Eye’s bright idea for a feature story in September last year, but despite interviewing luminaries from Sebastian Borget (The Sandbox) to Illia Polosukhin (Near) on the subject of AI building the metaverse, the story went nowhere as it was more concept than reality at the time.

And while it’s still too early to call it a confirmed trend, gaming metaverse Alien Worlds has firm plans to make the concept a reality.

A “Dune-meets-cyberpunk” game with 50,000 daily users created in 2021 by primary contributor Dacoco, it features six DAOs of tokenholders known as Planetary Syndicates who compete for a share of the elusive element of Trilium (a token, TLM). 

Imagery from gaming metaverse Alien Worlds.

The virtual universe is held together with world-building lore by Dune prequels author Kevin J Anderson, and Dacoco says that a majority of the artwork, from the alien races to the buildings, vehicles and landscapes, were created with the assistance of AI tools like Midjourney.

“We’re using AI to help generate a lot of the lore, the image, the images, the text. And we’re doing that based on the original spark that we built with Kevin J. Anderson. So we’re trying to do that quickly and at scale,” explains Kevin Rose, chief marketing officer of Dacoco.

The lore created by…


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