3 memorable moments from Donald Trump’s ‘Mugshot’ NFT event

Former United States President Donald Trump made more than a few memorable quotes as he hosted a gaggle of nonfungible token (NFT) enthusiasts at his Florida home on Wednesday, May 8.

Besides vowing to keep crypto entrepreneurs in the U.S., Trump also took partial credit for making “NFTs hot again” thanks to his sizeable collection. He even dissed a political rival’s inspired memecoin — inadvertently causing its price to surge.

Several clips of his most memorable lines surfaced on X on May 8.

On crypto: “I’m good with it”

One of the first clips to make the rounds on social media included Trump vowing to provide a better regulatory environment for crypto businesses and entrepreneurs by removing the “hostility” toward crypto, which he suggests is brought about by the administration of U.S. President Joe Biden and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

i asked donald trump how he’s going to keep crypto businesses in america.

sounds bullish pic.twitter.com/rvuztPmQ8P

— Malcolm (33.3%) (@macdegods) May 9, 2024

“Gensler is very much against it. The Democrats are very much against it [but] I’m fine with it, I want to make sure it’s good and solid and everything else, but I’m good with it.”

When asked what he would do to remove that hostility and keep innovators in the United States by NFT enthusiast “Malcolm,” Trump responded:

“We’ll stop it because I don’t want that, I don’t want that. If we’re going to embrace it, we have to let them be here.”

On NFTs: “We made NFTs hot again”

Trump also claimed that his Mugshot NFTs and other collections “made NFTs hot again” at a time when the NFT market seemingly lost its steam, which received an uproar of cheer from attendees.

Most attendees had to make purchases in the amount of at least $4,653, the cost of 47 Mugshots NFTs at $99 each, to be invited to the dinner event.

Source: Donald Trump

Trump NFT Cards and Melania Trump’s 1776 Collection are among the other digital art collectibles linked to Trump’s name.



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