Turn Cointelegraph articles into NFTs — Early access for 500 readers

Turning Cointelegraph articles into digital collectibles to preserve the crypto industry’s most memorable moments is now becoming a reality. The Cointelegraph Historical collection will allow every article ever published by the largest crypto media outlet to become mintable into nonfungible tokens (NFTs).

With the help of readers, Cointelegraph seeks to create the first decentralized catalog of news that will cement the evolution of crypto onto the blockchain. The waitlist is now open, but only the first 500 readers will be able to participate in the early access that will commence at the start of November. The feature will be rolled out to everyone shortly after that, in mid-November.

Just like NBA Top Shot tokenizes memorable moments from the world of basketball, Cointelegraph’s Historical NFT collection ensures that news stories have a lasting impact. In a world where trending content is assessed by how many likes it receives, an article’s value can now be governed by the number of readers willing to collect it.

With Instagram introducing digital collectibles to its wide-ranging audience, it’s becoming more apparent that media consumption patterns are shifting. Just being able to like, share and subscribe isn’t going to cut it anymore for regular users. The next generation of media consumers will need a new way of engaging with the content they think is valuable, as was demonstrated by a Lens Protocol closed beta run, for example.

There is nothing new about collecting content you like. Remember those late Sunday afternoons spent at the kitchen table carefully cutting out magazine articles about your favorite artist? Or even carefully curating your MP3 playlist to fill up the storage on your player?

Just like any collectible, some news headlines have sentimental value; even more so, they present value for the history of humankind. That’s why some old newspapers are selling for thousands of dollars on eBay.

So, how about exclusively owning a story commemorating Bitcoin’s Taproot upgrade or El Salvador…


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