Top 10 CryptoPunks wallet lays dormant, house sells on OpenSea and more

Dormant Punks

Nonfungible token (NFT) sleuths have dug up an old wallet from 2017 that minted 141 CryptoPunks for 0.02 ETH, which was around $7 at the time when the project launched. According to Twitter user Nansen Intern from the analytics platform, the wallet is now valued at 11,300 Ether (ETH), or around $14.7 million at current prices.

The wallet has shown no activity since then, leading to speculation the owner lost the seed phrase. The wallet is placed in the top ten in terms of CryptoPunks holders and many collectors are reportedly monitoring it in hopes of snapping up a bargain.

1/ This wallet minted 141 Punks for 0.0207 ETH, estimated to now have a value of over 11 thousand ETH

However, the wallet has had no activity since, for both NFTs and crypto (other than receiving fake tokens)

Lost their seed phrase?

— Nansen Intern (@nansen_intern) October 17, 2022

CryptoPunks was one of the first collections to launch on Ethereum with 10,000 unique NFTs. CryptoSlam reports that it has been the third-highest collection for secondary sales over the past month, with a trading volume of $22.8 million,

According to OpenSea, which recently allowed users to submit bulk listings, rare CryptoPunk #9476 sold for a whopping $480,000, or 370 ETH, on Oct. 17, proving that the pixelated punks remain popular.

Street Machine streets ahead

NFT project Street Machine has surged in popularity and price despite a broader downturn in the market.

The cyberpunk anime series is a story-based collection designed by award-winning video game artist SpenzerG who was behind the popular PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) online shooter.

It is inspired by sci-fi, cyberpunk and anime pop culture, centering around a sprawling story with an online graphic novel theme.

The collection launched on OpenSea on Oct. 7 and has since surged in volumes and average prices. There are 8,000 story character NFTs in the collection and the floor price is currently 0.473 ETH, approximately $620.

According to OpenSea, the average price…


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