Time to Bottom Fish? 2 “Strong Buy” Stocks That Are Too Cheap to Ignore

Considering the tough macro environment and its impact on the markets, investors can be forgiven for some indecision when it comes to choosing stocks right now. But there are clues, hints that will point out the right stocks, even in an unsettled market.

The simplest move, of course, is to look for quality stocks that have fallen sharply in recent months, down to bargain-level prices. The adage is ‘buy low and sell high,’ and fundamentally sound stocks that have fallen 50% or more in less than a year are prime targets for such a strategy.

And the prospects for selling high later may be better than the pundits have been predicting, according to BMO’s chief investment strategist Brian Belski.

“From our perspective, market prognostications have become increasingly academic this year with many choosing what we believe are the ‘easy’ and ‘scary’ options. For our part, we have learned that hardly anything has been textbook or easy the past few years for US stock market performance, and that is something we do not expect to change in the coming months either… we truly believe that stocks can and should rebound from current levels,” Belski opined.

Quantifying that potential rebound, Belski believes the S&P 500 can see a gain of 20% in 4Q22.

Against this backdrop, using the TipRanks platform, we have pinpointed 2 names which all fit a certain profile; beaten-down stocks that are rated as Strong Buys by the Street’s experts and are poised to forge ahead over the coming months. Let’s take a closer look why the analysts think these names could make compelling investment choices right now.

Aspen Aerogels, Inc. (ASPN)

We’ll start with Aspen Aerogels, a firm that has specialized in aerogel insulation materials for the last 20 years. Aerogels use a liquid-filled internal pore space, filled with gas, to create an ultra-low density solid purposed as high-end, multi-use, light-weight insulation. Aerogels are capable of retaining their structural strength and integrity in combination with low thermal conductivity ratings. The company’s aerogel products are used in…


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