Meme stocks are likely in big trouble in 2023: Morning Brief

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Monday, December 12, 2022

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By any traditional analytical measures, meme stock names such as GameStop, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Blackberry are still wildly overvalued at current levels despite a rough 2022.

GameStop’s third quarter yet again fundamentally stunk. The company’s management team and alleged savior Ryan Cohen are running a clinic on everything not to do to turn around a challenged entity. Seven minute earnings calls? Who does that?

But head over to GameStop’s ticker page on Yahoo Finance, click the “statistics” tab, and you will find that the stock trades at about six times book value per share. Objectively, what has GameStop done the past five years to warrant that relative premium to its hard assets?

Bed Bath & Beyond is on its last legs, as I continue to report. At least the market appears to have a realistic view on this home goods business, judging by the company’s well below market valuation metrics.

The Gamestop store in Annapolis, Maryland, on September 7, 2022. (Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images)

Then there is Blackberry, which had lost $37 million on an adjusted operating basis through the second quarter. The company’s pivot to software and cybersecurity also looks to not be enough to drive consistent (or any…) profits and cash flow.

Navigate to Blackberry’s metrics page, and you will find the shares trade on an exorbitant trailing-twelve month price-to-sales ratio of four times.

What’s going on here?

Despite the glaring red flags in all of these businesses, there remain hardcore believers in these meme names. The believers are unwavering in their view that executives will cook up some grand master plan that creates epic bottom line outcomes that unleash monster stock price moves.



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