Mastercard and Paxos help banks offer crypto, Jack Dorsey details new social platform and Tesla hodls BTC: Hodler’s Digest, Oct. 16-22

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Top Stories This Week

Mastercard taps Paxos to launch crypto trading for banks

Banks will soon be equipped to offer clients crypto trading and custody thanks to a new program called “Crypto Source” from Mastercard and Paxos Trust Company. As part of the program, Mastercard will cover some of the compliance, security and interface details while Paxos handles crypto custody and trading. Expected in the final quarter of 2022, the Crypto Source program will essentially provide the underpinning that will let banks offer crypto trading and custody to their clients.

Jack Dorsey unveils decentralized social with algo choice and portable accounts

Under the supervision of former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, a new social media platform called “Bluesky Social” has entered its private beta phase after years of anticipation. Underpinning the platform is a protocol known as the Authenticated Transfer Protocol (formerly named ADX). The protocol essentially removes the walls around user data, letting users move their accounts from platform to platform rather than having their profiles and information locked on a single platform.

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