Aarika Rhodes on Bitcoin Day

Aarika Rhodes, an elementary school teacher-turned congressional candidate, recently featured in the Bitcoin Day Sacramento 2022 event to discuss the impact of Bitcoin (BTC) in local politics. 

Speaking to Cointelegraph, Rhodes highlighted the difficulty for grassroots candidates like herself to compete against established members of the US Congress.

Our campaign has officially adopted Lighting for campaign contributions.⚡️

This revolutionary technology creates accessibility and looks towards the future. I am excited to provide this option to our supporters across all 50 states. #Bitcoin

— Aarika for CA-32 (@AarikaRhodes) November 30, 2021

“If it wasn’t for Bitcoin and the Lightning Network, a grassroots campaign like ours wouldn’t have made it this far with the amount of cash on hand at this stage in the race, especially as a full-time elementary school teacher,” she explained. Speaking about her campaign specifically, Rhodes added:

“It [BTC] has made us viable in our effort to unseat at 20+ year incumbent.”

It was such a honor to speak at #Bitcoin Day to discuss campaign finance reform and the need for financial literacy to be taught in our schools. We also discussed the importance of reminding lawmakers that they’re public servants first.

to @ck_SNARKs for being a great host! pic.twitter.com/PhmYmCqNQj

— Aarika for CA-32 (@AarikaRhodes) February 19, 2022

Rhodes also believes that the role of local businesses in expediting BTC’s mainstream adoption is “a simple matter of economics.” By allowing small and medium businesses to accept BTC payments, the community refrains from making Bitcoin purchases elsewhere, and according to the congressional candidate, is a means to revitalize the local economies.

It’s ok to hold elected officials accountable. They should lead by example. If we’re really serious about making things better, integrity and accountability are important.

— Aarika for CA-32 (@AarikaRhodes) February 20, 2022

As a full-time elementary school teacher, Rhodes is a front-row witness to the financial and societal struggles faced by students, families and educators:



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