2 Stocks Under $10 That This Insider Is Aggressively Buying

From an investment standpoint, the first quarter of 2022 brought confusion more than anything else, markets fell down and bounced back up. The main question to answer right now is whether the bounce is real or just a dead cat. Either way, however, there are going to be opportunities for investors.

As for choosing stocks to buy into, investors will need some clear signal. One popular sign to follow: the corporate insiders. These company officers can leverage their positions with their companies to gain advantages in trading stock – after all, they have an ‘inside’ view of the company workings, putting them in a better position to predict share movements. To keep the field level, the Federal regulators require that they regularly publish their trades; the TipRanks Insiders’ Hot Stocks tool makes it possible to quickly find and track those trades.

And now we come to something unique. There are thousands of companies on the open market, and hundreds in any given niche – but only a limited pool of qualified people to fill the top positions. It’s not uncommon to find one individual wearing multiple hats, with seats on two or more Boards of Directors of public companies. And when such a person starts going big on his trades – to the tune of several million dollars for each – that could be the song that investors want to hear.

Against this backdrop, we’ve used the database at TipRanks to pinpoint two stocks that should spark investor interest. They both trade for under $10 a piece, providing a low entry point with the prospect of at least 100% growth ahead, according to the analyst community. And even better, they shared officer who’s gone big on both. Let’s take a closer look.

Cue Biopharma (CUE)

The first stock we’ll look at, Cue Biopharma, is developing a pipeline of new immunotherapy treatments. The company is working on a new class of biologic medications, to be delivered by injection, that will engage and modulate targeted T cells. T cell therapy has numerous applications, including the treatment of cancers, autoimmune disorders, and some…


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